What happens if I leave the birth control pills?

My first period without pills

Before I had very painful menstruation, and I had read that when I left the pills, that would happen again. For now, it is not like that. I have noticed more discomfort than when I took them, the typical leg and abdomen pain.

I have not bled much, every day I had a fairly light flow and (although it sounds disgusting) brown. If this were every month, I should go to the doctor, but from what i understand it is quite normal when you leave the pills.

I get acne more easily, and some small pimples by the chin. Although for now I control it with the tea tree.

Five menstrual cycles without birth control pills

Acne outbreak raised in the chin and around the mouth.

The libido has turned me.

When i was taking pills I had a spot on my skin over my lip and now it's gone.

I have super oily hair now. The face too.

12 months without pills

how quit acne

Acne has returned to me when I'm going to ovulate or when my period is coming, so...of course, it's a non-stop. They hurt, and they take a long time to leave.

The dermatologist told me to take Roaccutan (dercutane). I told him NO, i dont want. Then she recommended me glycolic acid, sunscreen and moisturizer.

I also had a blood test, but I don't know the results yet. I will update the post to continue talling you this story.

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